Bear Species Long Draw RTS


Bear Species LD, easy to draw & shoot single cam bow with a long draw length. Smooth shooting, high let off for comfort at full draw, IBO speed of 310fps, 31″ axle to axle, 7″ brace height & premium accessories to take the guesswork out of optimising your bow. Species LD brings decades of Bear’s experience, a deep commitment to value & delivers a ton of performance at a great price.

RTS package bow including a bow sight, whisker biscuit arrow rest, stabilizer, quiver, peep sight and d-loop.

IBO Speed 310fps
Weight ranges 45-60lbs and 55-70lbs. Please specify weight required. All bows are adjustable 15lbs down from the peak draw weight
Draw length range 25″-32″. Please specify draw length
Brace Height 7″
Axle to Axle 31″
Mass weight 4.3lbs
Let-Off 80%
S7 Perimeter weighted single cam
Riser machined aluminium
EnduraFibre Limbs for lethal, controlled power, provide unmatched flexibility and rigidity and allow for maximum weight adjustability for a customised fit for any shooter. The unique shape of the limb creates a reliable load distribution
Lock Down Pocket System
RockStops string recoil suppressors
ShockWaves limb dampening system
Advanced grip design eliminates hand torque for enhanced accuracy
SonicKnots, string dampening that also provides incremental speed
Cable Slide allows for a more natural crossing position reducing cable wear
Strings and cables – Bear Pre-Stretched Contra-Band HP BCY 452X strings and cables – eliminates string stretch and peep rotation

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