NAP Apache™ Bow Sling


NAP is offering the versatile Apache™ Bow Sling—featuring “1 second release-to-shoot” capabilities. With two quick-disconnect fasteners, a hunter can simply release the top disconnect, aim … and shoot. The Apache bow sling is quiet, lightweight and fully adjustable. It features a “conforma-stretch” shoulder strap which aids in comfort and mobility, and will not slip off the shoulder while traversing rough terrain. The lightweight, nylon webbing design eliminates bulk making the Apache bow sling easy to pack away.

The Apache Bow Sling—the quickest, lightest and most versatile bow sling out there … made by serious archers—for serious archers.

Attach Sling To Bow

Attach quick-disconnect to limbs by wrapping velcro around limbs as close to the limb pocket as possible – ensuring that the folded webbing is laying on/covering limb/limb bolt to reduce noise. Repeat steps on opposite limb.

Quick-Disconnect and Shoot

With bow-hand on grip, disconnect the sling from the top limb/disconnect, raise bow to the shooting position… take the shot.

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