Podum Peep


Note: only black is stock other colours by special order.

The most advanced peep system in the archery industry, completely designed for ultimate accuracy.

CST – Center String Technology – Podium Peep™ Aperture located on center of bowstring – no L and R misses.
OCT – Optical Centered Technology – Improved centration of Podium Peep™ Clarifiers and Verifiers for ultimate accuracy.
PLT – Protected Lens Technology – Lenses protected by plastic on 2 sides prevents cracking.
DSAT – Dual String Angle technology – has both 37 and 45-degree string angles on the same peep housing.
TAP – Tool-less Aperture Technology – Knurled Tool-less Podium Peep™Aperture – eliminates the need for an aperture wrench.
Podium Peep™ allows for easy removal of Clarifiers and Verifiers for cleaning.
Available in Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Red, Purple and Silver.
NOTE: Podium Peep™ Apertures, Podium Peep™ Clarifiers, and Podium Peep™ Verifiers fit into Specialty Archery Podium Peep™ ONLY. NOT compatible with other Specialty Archery peeps.
Podium Peep and component weights:
Podium Peep – 19.0 grains
Podium Peep Apertures – 3.5 grains
Podium Peep Clarifiers/Verifiers – 2.0 grains
Podium Peep Shade Cap – 3.0 grains
CAUTION: High powered bows create a great amount of vibration. This may loosen Verifiers, Clarifiers and Apertures over time. Tighten before each use. If you hear a buzzing sound, this indicates a loose Aperture. You may use a drop of Vibra-Tite VC 3 (#VC3), Teflon tape, bow wax, or any other non-permanent binding agent on the threads.

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