PSE Stinger Extreme 70′ Field Ready Country


The PSE Stinger™ name is legendary when it comes to delivering the best shooting experience on the market at an unbelievable price, and the Stinger is back in the extreme for 2019. The 316 fps Stinger™ Extreme features an improved riser for rigidity and stability and enhanced limb pockets for shooting performance. Add to that our high-performance SX cam, and you have a bow that destroys all other hunting bows in this price range! This bow contains genuine PSE ready to shoot parts.

We have a philosophy that bows should come set up correctly for you therefore we want you to visit us to pick up your bow so we can tune it to suit the way you shoot.

Note: Postage to some centres may in-cure extra costs

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Available in Mossy Oak Country

Field Ready kit includes

PSE Amp 5 pin Micro Adjustable Sight

PSE Phantom Drop-Away Rest

PSE SPIRE Stabilizer


PSE Neoprene Sling


Nock Loop

5 Carbon Arrows

Release aid


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